What is Helium 10?

Today we are going to talk about Helium10, a complete «16 in 1″ tool for Amazon, which has one of the most complete keyword and product research tools for Sellers. Very similar to Junglescout (it’s direct competitor) but with a bigger product database.

Some of the features of this suite of tools are:


Allows you to analyze those products of the competition with a greater seasonality or rising trend according to their sales history.

Combine it with Black Box (the following feature we’re analyzing) to get great products and suggestions.

Black Box

A product research tool allows to get killer product ideas using keywords, categories, niches or ASINs.

Some of the data retrieved by this tool is: 

  • BSR
  • overall monthly sales
  • YoY sales
  • MoM sales
  • FBA fees
  • Shipping
  • total Price
  • margin…



Once you have the products and the keywords, it’s time to “magnet” them. This is a great tool to generate new keywords, basically, multiplying them. Combine some keywords and get more words, combinations and synonyms.


Once your keyword research is complete, Scribbles will help you optimize your listings for those keys

Use it to test the effectivity of your product name, bullet points and description and even send them directly to your live listing using Amazon’s API.


This functionality is capable of processing thousands of keywords per second to show us their most relevant search data, such as volume or popularity.

Keyword Tracker

A keyword tracker to keep an eye on your rankings per product


To me, this is Helium 10’s game changer. A reverse ASIN tool to analyze the competition automatically, generating the most relevant data such as the most used keywords or the number of PPC campaigns carried out (both Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns).


An extension for Chrome that allows easy access to Helium10 main data, without having to access the website manually. So, you’ll be able to view, directly on Amazon: BSRs, pricings, shipping’s, fulfillments or the pricing and sales history using the Keepa API.


In conclusion, Helium10 is an excellent tool for Amazon sellers. If you are interested in improving your performance in this marketplace, it can be a great tool as an alternative to Sellics or Jungle Scout. Its price starts at only $37 per month per tool, extending to $97 per month if we hire it with its 14 features in full.  An excellent option to improve our performance through Amazon.


Make sure you use Helium 10 coupon AMAZONTOOLS50 for a 50% discount during first month or AMAZONTOOLS for a 10% lifetime discount

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