Victoria Secret stopped producing bikinis

It seemed like a rumor we did not quite believe, but the intimate fashion firm has already announced it. Victoria’s Secret Bikinis are a thing of the past. So if you want to make one of the bathroom clothes of your last collection you will have to be swift and fast to take one of this campaign, which will be the last.

Bikinis by Victoria’s Secret

Apparently the mark of the most famous angels is undergoing a process of radical change that has left its followers without some of the most successful collections. In addition to the Victoria ‘Secret bikinis, the firm will also stop producing and selling branded sportswear, as well as beachwear and accessories. And all this to focus only on three collections: intimate fashion, Pink and beauty.


Not long ago presented the last line of bikinis Victoria’s Secret here and the truth is that we did without having the slightest idea that it was the last really. So I refer you to that article in which you can see some of the clothes that still have available in the online store because the brand has ensured that there will be no more bathroom collections, but have not indicated whether they will remove the existing or will continue Until exhausted. The obvious would be the last, but you never know.

Apparently, as reported by Victoria’s Secret officials to the media, everything corresponds to a new commercial strategy in which they want to go back to its beginnings and simplify the signature much more. In this way you can focus more directly on the three lines that will remain. In addition, each of these collections (the ones that remain) will have its own management team so as to be able to improve them and bet on quality assurances.

Goodbye to Victoria’s Secret bikinis is not the only surprise because the company has also announced that it will stop producing its famous paper catalogs. This does not seem to us a drama because the truth is that in the world of technologies in which we live any of us has access to the Internet and so much paper is an absurd expense for fashion firms. So after the controversy raised by the firm of lingerie with her ode to the naturalness saying goodbye to the bras with padding, it seems that the thing is going to more and it is likely that we still have surprises to live. What do you think the news?

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