Scandal in the final of Copa del Rey basketball (Barça-Madrid)

The basketball returns to talked about after the dispute of the King’s Cup 2019 . Although in sports it has been a spectacular tournament where the fans have enjoyed to the maximum, the truth is that it became the subject of debate because of bad arbitral decisions.

The great rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is well known. It comes from football, but it moves with the same intensity to the basketball courts, a sport in which they are also the two most powerful clubs in Spain. Therefore, the Cup final was a great date and everyone was dying to have Barcelona Tickets, but the outcome ended up leaving everyone a little decaffeinated.

Arbitral polemic that tarnishes a great match

As in the beautiful game, technology has broken through and cameras are now an aid to referees. When important decisions have to be made, referees have the possibility to resort to visual support and review repetitions in order to make an informed final decision. This usually prevents blatant errors and allows the infringement (or not) to be pointed out correctly, but this is not always the case. And for example, the Cup final.

There has been a lot of media hype since there are a series of channels, radio stations and newspapers that always seem to render accounts to the great god Florentino Pérez, whose tentacles go far beyond what we could imagine. It has always been said that Madrid is the team of the regime , but this time it has been really clear. They cling to the arbitral ruling of the last play, when just a few seconds before there is a clear aggression to a Barça player who goes completely unpunished.

The difficulties of refereeing

The referees have one of the most complicated jobs that exist , not only in the sports field but in general. Although they must apply rules that are theoretically objective, the interpretation of the rules is ultimately subjective. Thus, even in the case of instant replay, where they have access to the repetitions offered by television, the opinion of the referee is what prevails and not an absolute and irrefutable truth.

Logically, the attitude of the Real Madrid players at the end of the match has not helped to calm the waters. Veterans such as Felipe Reyes or Rudy Fernandez went to the dressing room indignant calling the match «theft» and «shame». It would be necessary to see if they have memory problems, because there are dozens of teams that have been damaged over the years , more often than against any other team, and there did not seem to be any problem.

No doubt, from time to time a little bit of your own medicine doesn’t hurt. After all, Madrid had an advantage of 16 points that it did not know how to administer . Those who want to attribute everything to a punctual arbitral decision is that they don’t know about basketball or don’t want to accept reality. Pablo Laso’s team didn’t know how to take advantage of the income they had in the last quarter and ended up giving up against Barça de Pesic.

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