Frequently asked questions about Clash Royale

Some of the normal questions about Clash Royale

In this post I will talk about the most frequently questions about clash royale, this famous game of supercell, gots a lot of questions that the players got and want to resolve to play the game on its full, I recommend the website of Gums Up that gives you among other things information about how to earn free gems in Clash royale, so with this website and the next answered typical questions I hope that your gampley on Clash Royale will be better thant before you read this post, enjoy!

1. In what I must spend the gems ?

This is a very good question … I do not have much time playing, but because of the experience I have with the Supercell games, I’m just going to tell you one thing: Do not spend it to accelerate, not Use them in foolishness, you must accumulate them. This type of games is made for people to spend money in Gems due to the waiting time, but at the same time, you have the possibility to play for free with just being patient. In my case, I am collecting them and I will use them in the magic coffers or when I need gold, so far I have only spent in speeding up a chest (and it was by accident!), I recommend you do the same. Anyway, the best way to use the gems is not in this guide clash royale, but in the article I mentioned above.

Some of the most typical questions about Clash Royale

2. How do you earn gold, gems or experience in Clash Royale ?

To win gold you must open chests and donate cards in the clan, in case you need a bigger sum, you must buy in the store in exchange for some gems.
The gems are won by opening free and crown chests, if you have the possibility to spend real money, you can also buy them. The experience is gained by improving cards, completing achievements and donating cards.

3. How to donate cards in Clash Royale ?

It is easy and simple. You must only be to a clan, when a person asks for a letter, if you have it you can donate it and thus the two would win; He receives the letter and you the gold with the experience.

4. At what level can I join a clan?

When you are level 3 you will be able to join the clan that you want.

5. How can I create a clan?

When you want, you only have 1,000 gold available to spend on creation.

6. How to get better cards?

The cards are randomly obtained in the coffers and everything will depend on the ones you have unlocked, ie when one is in sand 1 unlock a number of cards, just like in sand 2 and so on … As we advance sand, Some letters will be unlocked and with a pinch of luck, they will come out in some box that we open.

7. Can I lose my cards when using them?

No, the letters are not lost when using them, but this question generates a bit of confusion, I explain:

If you are in a battle and you release a card, she can reappear in that same battle to throw her again. When you finish that battle (win or lose), your cards will remain intact.

When you unlock a card, for example: the barbarian, in the coffers you will continue to get X number of cards of the barbarian (Note: it is also possible to buy the cards in the store.), This works to be able to improve that card. Another example, we have barbarian and the blue bar says 2/10, that means we need to get 8 cards from barbarian to raise it level.

8. How can I improve the level of my cards?

As I just explained, you need to fill the required number of cards from the same troop to level it, apart from a certain amount of gold.

9. What do I spend the gems on?

Can spend it in gold or gather to buy giant, magical or supermagnetic safes

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