Some ways to earn money online

With these methods to make money on the Internet you will make your free time suppose an economic aid that does not come bad in these moments of crisis. You will see how the profits will grow once you are perfecting the possible strategies used in the pages that we are going to explain here.

Making free money on Internet

There are plenty of pages that allow you to get money on the Internet, but here you will find the most secure and well-known on the net and with the most benefits, one of the best webpages to make money it’s Paypal, but the people don’t know it. It is important to be aware that with these pages you will see interesting gains in the medium term and that will increase with time.

Sites to make money online

Paypal: This page is one of the largest Internet payment companies in the world. The company operates as a payment processor for online merchants, auction sites and other commercial online users and even physical merchants, so it charges a percentage of Commission and fee. But you can earn free money on paypal, using some softwares like Gumsup, or other kind just check the link to get information, Gumsup will teach you the best way to get free money using paypal.


Beruby: A page you’re sure to have heard about. Since 2008 it has been running and paying its users faithfully. Pay in Euros through Paypal or by bank transfer. With this page you can enjoy discount coupons, make money online shopping, completing offers, planning trips with them, using comparators and much more. The part has a referral program so if you invite friends and they make profits with the page, you will also receive a percentage of those profits.

Buxvertise: Buxvertise has paid almost instantaneously and smoothly to its users since April 2014. This page allows you to make profits by viewing ads, completing offers (has enough) and in a fun way through your different games (wheel of bux es A roulette wheel that you can spin once a day winning prizes, Icon cash is a method of making a profit every time another person clicks on a button that you send or Buxgrid which is a panel that you will uncover winning prizes). It allows renting referrals and has three types of memberships in case you are interested. Pay by Paypal, Payza and Neteller (gives enough confidence) being the minimum charge of 7 $.

Clixten: Clixten is a promising page in the style of Neobux. It will sound a lot of graphic interface and has been paying since November 2012. Since it has been paying for more than 3 years with 500,000 active users has earned a deserved position in the top. You pay to view ads and videos or complete offers being the minimum payment of 2 $ by Payza and Paypal. It has different types of memberships and apart from renting referrals, you have the option to buy them, allowing you to progress more easily.

VendeCookies: VendeCookies is a new website offering something different. Basically, you will be generating ingredients based on playing mini-games, and with these ingredients you will be generating cookies. At the end of the month you will get a profit in REAL euros depending on the number of «cookies» generated. The company gets the benefits through advertising during the mini-games and part of the profits distributed among all users with more than 80,000 cookies. It has a five level referral system that will allow you to make more profits.

BUXP: This page has been paying promptly since May 2008 and has over half a million users worldwide. You can make a profit just like other PTCs watching ads, but it also offers other alternatives to make money like watching youtube videos or vimeo, doing tasks or offers. It also allows you to earn profits with referrals that, unlike other similar pages, can be bought instead of renting and you have them forever, increasing your profits thanks to them. Pay by Paypal and Payza and the minimum charge for standard users is 7 $.

CLICKXTI: It has been running for more than a year. Pay in euros and pay by Payza or bank transfer when you reach 5 euros. The good thing about this page is that you tell them an email and they will send you advertising emails. To get the money you just have to open it and click on the advertisement to get paid (eye !! you have to click on the email and click again on the red dot that appears to get the credits) and once done Delete and ready. This seems to me more comfortable than going to the page day after day and also usually send about 10 or 12 emails a day that make you go accumulating money little by little with little effort. In addition you will get 50% of the benefits of the friends you invite and 25% of the benefit by the friends of all your friends.

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