Do you know all about the history of bikinis?

The usual cliché would like modern man increasingly emancipated and far from that common decency that in theory (very theoretically) prefer to wrap themselves in the civilizations of the past, the victims do not know what repressive philosophies. And even in clothing this arrogant attitude, full of pomp and all the contemporary Enlightenment, is reflected in the false belief that certain clothes were first discovered particularly affected by the heat or simply very comfortable.

The why of the bikini discovering its history

And ‘the case of the bikini, behind the façade of two pieces used as a flag of liberation, nevertheless hides a long history. So much so that it can be safely observed, perhaps in a normal textbook of art history, seraphic intent ladies to exercise or be beautiful in their spacious bathrooms using nothing more than two tiny pieces of cloth.

It appeared, in fact, for the first time during the Roman imperial period (I-II AD), the bikini, what we learned in the historical survey conducted by a magazine like «Focus» «It is not necessary initially for swimming, It was not used for sunbathing on the beach, which became a common practice several centuries later, apparently the bikini was used mainly for schools of athletics, dance and gymnastics.

The actual introduction of the bikini in society

However, for the modern understanding of this garment was not until 1946, when, in France, the designer Louis Réard presents a collection of swimsuits of a model that is the precursor, the prototype of what we know today. Renamed model, just to give an idea of ​​the effect (desired) that the garment was likely to give no less than «Atome».

But it also happens that that year the United States detonated in the Pacific, in a so-called Bikini atoll (which is in the Marshall Islands), some nuclear devices. Because, of course, at different levels, this fact caused a great stir as the introduction of the new costume designers changed the name of the now famous clothing item with the same name of the atoll.

Since then, this tantalizing head of the woman’s closet has exploded dell’armamentario seductive part of the weak sex, varied and designed in a thousand ways, some of which are among the most unthinkable (especially by the imaginative designers like Jean Paul Gaultier).

Initially used by actresses and singers, who used it to exhibit their generally perfect forms (or simply to provoke a bit of hype), over time it has become ‘common heritage’ for women around the world and from all walks of life .

Some information about the history of bikinis

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