Gothic Quarter Tour Barcelona

This famous neighbourhood located in the Ciutat Vella district in the heart of the city, this is known as the oldest core and also one of the most beautiful areas of the city of Barcelona. This famous full of culture district is bounded by Las Ramblas, Via Laietana, Paseo de Colón and Plaza Catalunya.

The beautiful neighbourhood was born on the ruins of medieval Barcelona which led to the construction of churches and palaces of an architectural style Gothic that caused the disappearance of most of the Roman remains.

The narrow labyrinthine streets of Barcelona’s Gothic quarter created the ideal place to enjoy the centre of the city without any rush while user revels in the remains preserved of the glorious past of the town which is steeped in history.

Discover the best that can offer the Centre of Barcelona in the free Tour original walk which runs the places historical and emblematic of the Gothic quarter.

The guide will transport you along a colourful and revealing journey that goes beyond time and space to help the user develop their understanding about this unique place Barcelona has in the history of Spain and around the world.

What can we see in the Gothic quarter?

In a place so rich in culture as the Gothic quarter in Barcelona during the tour you can visit places like the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, which is also known as La Seu, Cathedral of Barcelona is a famous example of Catalan Gothic architecture. You can also see the Plaça Sant Jaume, which basically is the political centre of Barcelona, is famous for being where you will find the Town Hall and Palace of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Plaza real next to Las Ramblas is known for being one of the most pleasant and lively areas in the neoclassical style. Also, the user can know the Plaza del Rey, which is the headquarters of the Royal Palace from the beginning of the middle ages, which consists of a set of medieval buildings that housed part of the Museum of the history of the city.

On the other hand, the street Portal de L’ Àngel, which the user will also have the opportunity to meet is a commercial artery more attractive and complete city.

And finally is the Frederic Marès Museum which is located in a part of the old palace of the Condes de Barcelona which is a singular space which presents the works of the well-known collector Frederic Marès.

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