Famous images of actresses in bikini

Each summer, the beach airs evoke some of the most sensual images that have surfaced on the big screen. The silhouettes of Ursula Andress, Halle Berry or Brigitte Bardot emerging from the waters are part of the history of cinema. And there is more.

The most famous bikinis scenes

Ursula Andress in ‘DR. NO ‘(1962)
The first Bond girl and consequently one of the first sexual icons of the saga of agent 007. Her bikini scene is already part of the history of the cinema, it was the sixties and Ursula Andress became, with her sensual exit of the water, Not only in one of the Bond girls par excellence, but in a sexual icon of the history of contemporary cinema.

Bo Derek in ’10’ (1978)
Actress Bo Derek was one of the first actresses to show off her body on the big screen. In the comedy directed by Blake Edwards, the actress delights us with a race for the beach dressed in a swimsuit of the sexiest.

Jessica Alba in ‘INMERSIÓN LETAL’ (2005)
Let’s not fool ourselves: the film directed by John Stockwell and starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba was no big deal. Boats, sharks, drug dealers and cocaine come together in this film where each and every scene is eclipsed every time Jessica Alba goes out in a bikini. What is the most remembered of the tape? The scene where Jessica Alba dips in the crystal clear waters.

Salma Hayek in ‘OPEN UNTIL THE DAWN’ (1995)
Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney stayed the same, if not more, stunned than we did when we watched Salma Hayek in the Robert Rodriguez movie, with snake in the neck included. This scene is already part of the most remembered moments in the filmography of the Texan director.

Halle Berry in ‘DIE ANOTHER DAY’ (2002)
Pierce Brosnan also watched Pierce Brosnan as Halle Berry, the Bond girl from ‘DIE FOR ANOTHER DAY’, get out of the water on a Cuban beach where he has led the investigation of 007. Halle Berry won by being one of the best Bond girls of the 21st century.

Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson in ‘SPRING BREAKERS’ (2012)
If we had to stay with a scene in recent years looking at the bikinis, no doubt any scene from the last film of Harmony Korine would be the chosen one. The one who is considered one of the most hooligan and controversial directors today, I do not hesitate to put the old Disney girls in a bikini for 90 minutes to portray the decline of a generation.

Brigitte Bardot in ‘AND GOD CREATED THE WOMAN’ (1956)
It was this film by Roger Vadim that created the erotic myth of Brigitte Bardot. The scenes in which the actress shows her bikini curves putting on the skin of a sensual and disturbing young woman caused the film to be censored in many countries.

Kelly Brook in ‘PIRAÑA 3D’ (2010)
Probably one of the films with the most absurd argument of the last years, and also in 3D. But all that is on a secondary level when we see Kelly Brook in bikini, that’s why the film is already worth watching. O dos.

Lara Croft did not look so lethal when she wore that black bikini with a holster and a belt. Angelina Jolie saved this way a movie that is better forgotten.

Denise Richards in ‘JUEGOS SALVAJES’ (1998)
What Denise Richards in ‘JUEGOS SALVAJES’ deserves a special mention. The young actress spent the whole movie entering and exiting swimming pools, something that many have been etched in the retina forever.

In the second installment of ‘LOS ANGELES DE CHARLIE’, Demi Moore plays Madison Lee, a former Charlie angel whose bikini does not feel too bad considering the 40 years she was when I played the role.

Kate Bosworth in ‘IN THE FILM OF LAS OLAS’ (2002)
Bosworth plays Anne Marie a young surfing lover whose dream is to participate in the Pipe Masters surfing competition. Thanks to this we can enjoy Kate Bosworth surfing in bikinis on Hawaiian beaches.

Carrie Fisher in ‘STAR WARS: THE RETURN OF JEDI’ (1983)
Few of us thought Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, could be sexy. However, Jaba the Hutt did not seem to think so and in the third installment of the first trilogy of the saga put Fisher a strange metallic bikini that sat strangely well.

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